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eDesk Introduction

eDesk Description

Built for eCommerce from the ground up, eDesk by xSellco gives online sellers the ability to streamline queries from all sales channels into one, unified, easy-to-use helpdesk.

eDesk by xSellco puts all the data you need to solve a problem right there in front of you, so you can send fast responses.
Order details, delivery information and any previous communication are automatically matched with incoming queries so you can resolve tickets and get back to selling.
eDesk natively integrates with all the marketplaces and channels you sell on, plus all leading shopping carts, fulfillment and inventory software and social channels.

eDesk Features

  • Customer  - Real-time, dynamic insights of your SLA compliance and sales orders, history, order details and shipping information.
  • Dashboard - Real-time, dynamic insights of your SLA compliances and sales orders.
  • AI Responses and Templates - eDesk uses artificial intelligence to suggest the most efficient and optimized response.
  • Replica invoicing - Automatically generates invoices on request.
  • Proactive feedback requests - Fully integrated feedback solutions to improve seller feedback.

eDesk Functionality

  • Feedback and Reviews
  • Buyer/Seller Messaging
  • Multi-Channel
  • eDesk Pricing

    Pricing is available via a monthly or yearly subscription model, see more on our pricing page

    Who should use eDesk

    eDesk by xSellco was built to simplify the customer support process for online sellers.
    Whether you sell on your own website or on multiple channels around the world, all your tickets and order details are centralized in one place for quick resolution.

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