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yuming-erp Introduction

yuming-erp Description


Yuming ERP is an ERP software solution that specializes in serving cross-border e-commerce sellers,

fully interfacing with Amazon, Shopify and other cross-border e-commerce platforms,

and performing integrated service processes such as product listing, order placement and shipping, data gathering, store relocation, statistical data, purchasing management, inventory management, customer service management and more.

Sellers need just one account to complete cross-border daily batch operations efficiently. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent switching between platforms and accounts.

This is an ERP that officially coordinates and interacts with each platform through the platform's official API data interface, completely circumventing issues associated with multi-account management.

A single Yuming ERP account allows you to authorize multiple stores across multiple platforms at the same time, and to log into and manage multiple stores simultaneously from any single PC and IP address.

The core members of the Yuming ERP development team have previously worked for Baidu, and have many years’ experience of the Internet industry and leading-edge technology, as well as extensive international business backgrounds,

yuming-erp Features

  •  Synchronizes with Amazon orders: view them at any time
  • Select from various logistics providers for fast and convenient shipping
  • Download FBA inventory orders, statistics and analysis
  • Merchant inventory management
  • Merchant product management

yuming-erp Functionality

yuming-erp Pricing

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Who should use yuming-erp

  • Product managers
  • Inventory managers
  • Distributors
  • Business owners

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