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jinglingdata Introduction

jinglingdata Description

Product library management

  Structured storage of product information

 Customizable categories, tags and description attributes for products

        Smart matching of multi-platform SKU relationship information

        Synchronization of online product information

ASIN listing placement management

  Multi-site, multi-account, batch, periodic product listing placement support

  Support for multiple listing placement methods, including replenishment, copy listings, and boutique listings

  Improved global loading speeds for image CDNs

OMS order management

  Multi-site, multi-account, automatic synchronization of order information, and support for manual order creation

 Automatic, smart system operations for order reviews, warehousing, logistics recommendations, as well as identification and shipping of goods to the platform

 Automated processes for matching order rules, categorization and tagging of irregular orders, as well as effective order processing through sales and warehousing integration

 Optimum recommendations for logistics channels based upon automatic logistics rules matching

Warehouse management system (WMS)

      Accurate, efficient inventory management through the automated WMS

       Improved warehouse efficiency through software/hardware integration with support for PDA receipts and picking

       Basic warehouse information management

       Inbound management including: Receipt management, quality inspection management, listing placement management

       Outbound management including: Support for multiple picking modes, packaging, and delivery

  Inventory management including: Inventory queries, transfers, adjustments

Financial management

 Profit analysis. Access to profit composition information for each order, product listing, and sale. Business growth driven by financial indicators

 API P-card docking for real-time analysis of overall company capital information

Procurement management

 Real-time access to dynamic procurement status information for sales and purchases through procurement proposal payments (generated automatically using proposal rules), warehouse receipts, and full-process tracking.

Data analysis management

 Data chart integration for real-time monitoring of key store sales indicators 

 Reduction of operational risks through multi-dimensional analysis of product listings, sales, and inventory

Permissions management

 Functional/data permissions management support for complex organizational structures both across different companies and departments

 Flexible setting support for strict upper and lower limits of data visibility ranges

 Customizable position configurations from button-level operational permissions to store-level data permissions

jinglingdata Features

  • Product listing information management
  •  ASIN listing placement management
  • OMS order management
  • Warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Financial management
  •  Procurement management
  • Data analysis management
  • Permissions management

jinglingdata Functionality

  • Listing
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Shipping Solutions
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • jinglingdata Pricing

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    Who should use jinglingdata

    Platform system key: Use the Chrome web browser on a Windows system 

    Personnel in various roles within cross-border, e-commerce enterprises

    Amazon cross-border, e-commerce store owners: Quick access to the overall status of your enterprise through data analysis and financial analysis reports.

    Salesperson: Add listings with the publication function, analyze sales data with the data analysis report function, view purchase progress with the procurement function, use the order management function, and process order reviews and shipping for pre-ordered goods.

    Procurement personnel: Quick, integrated management and tracking of purchase demand and orders with the procurement function.

    Warehousing personnel: WMS functions including inbound operations, quality inspections, listing placement, picking, packing, and shipping

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