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Zillioner Introduction

Zillioner Description

Zillioner is an All-In-One Amazon Business Management Software.

It has been built specifically for Amazon Sellers.

Zillioner helps sellers understand their true profit by including all key

Amazon fees & costs, as well as your own custom expenses, into the profit


Get insights on your product, brand and account performance:

● Monitor Your Business Performance

● Individual Product Performance & Metrics

● Track Sales & Costs

● Scale Up & Grow Profits


Profit & Loss Statement

See a full Profit & Loss statement for your entire Amazon account for any

time period.

True Profit Reporting

From Order Fees to Storage Fees, all the expenses of running an Amazon

store are factored into the profit calculation.

Near Real Time Amazon Data.

Our Dashboard is updated every 5 mins or less giving you the most

accurate data to base your inventory & marketing decisions on.

View By Product, Brand, Parent / Child or Account

Analyze your overall account performance or drill into a specific product,

Zillioner has everything you need to run your business.

Custom Expenses

Zillioner allows you to enter in custom business expenses in addition to

Amazon fees, from sample costs to software cost, giving you an accurate

insight into your performance.

Landed Costs

Your product Cost of Goods can change over time and the tool allows you

to set accurate landed costs as they evolve.

Access 1 or Many Amazon Accounts

Connect more than 1 Amazon account to monitor multiple accounts for

your business or clients.

Account Dashboard

Detailed account performance dashboard shows you exactly how much

you sold Today, This Week, This Month, This Year or your own custom date


Product Metrics

Detailed Product Metrics, including individual product profits,refunds,

reviews & more.


Compare sales against different time periods to spot trends. See if sales

are increasing this week or month vs last week or month.

Advertising, Organic vs Ad Sales

Detailed advertising costs are built right into the tool. See what % of your

sales are a result of ads.

Export Data

Ability to export all key data if you want to use the data elsewhere or to

keep your own records.

Track Every Dollar Of Sales, Costs & Profit

● Promo Sale Fees vs Full Price Sales

● Tax / VAT & related costs

● Enter Custom Expenses

● Comprehensive 25+ Amazon Fees & Costs

● Detailed Refund Analysis ($ Amount, Units Refunded and % Refunds)

● Review Rating & Tracking

● Best Seller Rank Tracking

● Parent / Child Product Support

● Advertising Costs & Sales

Zillioner Features

  • Full Profit & Loss Statement
  • Real-Time Dashboard for Account & Product Performance with Sales, Profits, Costs, Refunds & more.
  • Individual Product Metrics & Management Dashboard.
  • Inventory Management
  •  Detailed Analytics & Reporting
  • Advertising Costs & ROI Optimization

Zillioner Functionality

  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Advertising
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Zillioner Pricing

    Monthly Payment

    Who should use Zillioner

    Zillioner is a platform designed for all sizes of sellers from solo

    entrepreneurs to large scale international businesses.

    Our clients manage their day to day operations using Zillioner.

    Recommended for:

    ● New or Advanced Amazon Sellers

    ● Sellers with 1 to 1000+ Products

    ● FBA & Manufacturer Fulfilled Sellers

    ● Agencies or Brands

    ● Business Owners & Product Managers

    ● Amazon Sellers with multiple accounts

    ● Any Seller with a Professional Seller Account

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