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Viral Launch Kinetic Introduction

Viral Launch Kinetic Description

Save time and build profits by automating your Amazon PPC with Viral Launch® KineticTM. Start your 14-day free trial today.

We built Viral Launch Kinetic to make what’s difficult and time-consuming, easy and automated. This is research, strategy, automation, and analytics, all in one powerful tool.

  • Automate your PPC with custom rules
  • See how your ads are affecting organic sales
  • Easily find and prioritize the best keywords
  • Get a free 1-1 strategy call to get started
  • Recover hours throughout your week

Viral Launch Kinetic Features

  • See product performance: With PPC and organic data side by side, find out how your ads are contributing to each product’s overall profitability.
  • Find search terms: Leave the tedious spreadsheets behind, and find out right away which search terms you should be prioritizing or avoiding.
  • Create automations: Want to make sure you’re not overspending? Or not losing rank? Set up automated rules to control your results around the clock.

Viral Launch Kinetic Functionality

  • Advertising
  • Product Research and Scouting
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Viral Launch Kinetic Pricing

    Starting at $208/mo

    Who should use Viral Launch Kinetic

    Kinetic is perfect for third-party brands with at least one ASIN that owns the buy box on

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    Free Subscription

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