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TradeGecko Inventory Management System Introduction

TradeGecko Inventory Management System Description

TradeGecko’s multi-channel inventory & order management system seamlessly synchronizes with Amazon FBA so your stock levels are accurately reflected across all of your warehouse locations. Whether you’re a distributor, a brand owner selling wholesale, or a direct to consumer eCommerce business, TradeGecko’s cloud platform lets small and medium business owners like you manage your inventory, orders, and customers from one central location.

  • Sync your inventory and stock levels with Amazon FBA in real-time
  • Automatically pull your Amazon orders and customer data
  • Automatically sync your orders with Xero or Quickbooks Online
  • Manage the B2B and B2C sides of your business from one central system

TradeGecko Inventory Management System Features

  • Split the inbound shipment between multiple Amazon FBA warehouses
  • Sync your inventory levels across sales channels and handle all your orders in one place
  • Optimize your business with powerful sales and inventory reports
  • Automate manual and repetitive workflows
  • Expand your operations and go wholesale with our customizable B2B eCommerce Store
  • Create quotes and purchase orders, then connect to QuickBooks Online or Xero for your accounting needs.

TradeGecko Inventory Management System Functionality

  • Listing
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Shipping Solutions
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Ecommerce Solution Connectors
  • Multi-Channel
  • TradeGecko Inventory Management System Pricing

    Free 14-day trials include unlimited access to all features. We offer various pricing plans that fit your business needs.

    Who should use TradeGecko Inventory Management System

    TradeGecko is a great fit for wholesale distributors or fast-growing e-commerce businesses looking to explore new distribution channels, go wholesale, or gear up for international expansion. We support businesses with finished goods and our happiest customers come from the following industries:

    • Health, Wellness and Cosmetics
    • Fitness, Sports and Outdoor
    • Food & Beverage
    • Fashion, Clothing, Accessories & Jewellery

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