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StoreFeeder Introduction

StoreFeeder Description

StoreFeeder is a feature rich, cloud hosted multi-channel, ecommerce software solution. It's intuitive interface enables retailers to integrate with all the major sales channels including: eBay, Amazon, Magento, Shopify, and many more.
StoreFeeder enables retailers to integrate with accounts packages and couriers.
Features include:

  • listing and order management across channels,
  • synching inventory updates, and the
  • ability to produce in-depth performance reports

By utilizing StoreFeeder, sellers can manage and automate their ecommerce operation from one single interface, saving them time and money.
StoreFeeder delivers the scalability required to grow their business.

StoreFeeder Features

  • Order Management
  • Courier Integration 
  • Intelligent Warehousing
  • Inventory Management 
  • Listing Management 
  • Accounts Integration 

StoreFeeder Functionality

  • Listing
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Advertising
  • Multi-Channel
  • StoreFeeder Pricing

    We operate a clear, simple pricing model which will suit your business perfectly, whatever the size. Adjust the turnover figure and choose the number of users you require below to see how much it would cost to get your business up and running with StoreFeeder.

    Who should use StoreFeeder

    StoreFeeder is perfect for merchants who want to automate the time consuming aspects of e-commerce, giving you the tools to focus on growing your business.

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