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Shopkeeper Introduction

Shopkeeper Description

Shopkeeper tracks your sales, calculates profit and forecasts your inventory. It searches, filters and sorts through multiple Amazon reports for you, combining data from multiple Amazon marketplaces and converting to one currency, so that you could analyze the data quickly and efficiently.

You'll be able to answer questions like these:

  • How many units should I reorder?
  • Which ASIN is loosing me money?
  • Which variation is performing better?
  • How much does each refunded item actually cost me?
  • How much sales tax will I have to remit?
  • In which country a particular product has the lowest margin?

Shopkeeper offers a simple and intuitive representation of data. It shows you only the most important numbers first. More details are just a click away - you'll see them only when you need them. This makes it easy to quickly make important business decisions.

Here are the fees & costs for which Shopkeeper automatically accounts for:

  • Manufacturing Costs
  • Shipping Costs
  • Inspection Costs
  • Import Taxes
  • Amazon Referral Fees
  • Amazon Fulfillment Fees
  • PPC Costs for Sponsored Ads
  • PPC Costs for Headline Ads
  • FBA One Warehouse Fee
  • Inventory Reimbursements
  • Damaged & Lost Reimbursements
  • Refunds and Refund Fees
  • Amazon Shipping Promos
  • Your Custom Promos
  • FBA Monthly Storage Fees
  • FBA Long Term Storage Fees
  • Disposal Fees
  • Amazon Prep Fees
  • Sales Tax (VAT, HST, IVA, etc)

p.s. Shopkeeper has some fun built into it as well - you will hear a Kaching sound on every sale. It will bring back the joy of selling on Amazon again, just like the days when you first started.

Shopkeeper Features

  • Accounting of Sales Transactions
  • Profit Calculation - Including all Amazon Fees and Cost of Goods
  • Inventory Planning & Forecasting
  • Business Analytics - Financial Overview
  • Buyer Demographics, To-do List, Seller Watch

Shopkeeper Functionality

  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Accounting and Tax Remittance
  • Shopkeeper Pricing

    The price automatically changes every month, depending on the number of Amazon orders that you had during that month.

    Who should use Shopkeeper

    Shopkeeper is best suitable for:

    • FBA & FBM Sellers
    • Private Label Sellers, Wholesalers, Arbitragers
    • Both Beginner & Advanced Sellers
    • Sellers with products in Multiple Amazon Marketplaces
    • Sellers with Professional Plan Seller Central Account

    Shopkeeper software looks beautiful on both desktop and mobile devices. It uses responsive design, which automatically changes the app to fit the device you're viewing it on.

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