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ShipSaving Introduction

ShipSaving Description

ShipSaving: Partnership with top couriers, get discount shipping rates, print shipping labels, and synchronize orders from different e-commerce platforms. Simple and powerful warehouse management and inventory management features can help small and medium-sized e-commerce increase core competitiveness while reducing operating costs. Start to save time and manage your Amazon order with ShipSaving!

ShipSaving Features

  • Partnership with USPS and other shipping carriers to optimize your shipping cost in a wink!
  • Rate at a Glance: The system will list and compare all the possible services through various carriers and prioritize the most cost-efficient service for you to select.
  • Warehouse Management: No matter the size of your warehouse, with optimal picking methods and full course barcode operations, we can provide you with precise inventory tracking.
  • Batch Label Printing: Create up to 500+ labels in one batch. The batch mode will initiate an auto-sorting based on your choice to print shipping labels. You may print batch labels in geographic, or categorized orders.
  • Multiple-package shipment: We offer multiple tracking to ensure multiple packages share the same parent tracking number while having a separate sub-tracking number.
  • Connect your online stores: See your real-time Amazon store orders and other storefronts (eBay, Shopify, etc) to manage shipments all in one place.

ShipSaving Functionality

  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Shipping Solutions
  • ShipSaving Pricing

    Signing up is completely free --We have two plan: standard version only costs ¢1 for each label your buy, or upgrade to a professional version costs ¢5 per label, which includes the additional warehouse management features with more advanced solutions.

    Who should use ShipSaving

    Your perfect helper: The platform is suitable for small and medium-sized e-commerce sellers and e-Commerce fulfillment center! The rich features cover the needs of e-commerce companies of different sizes.

    Could be your private supporter: Your opinion and suggestion are to be our best boost to present better services. If you need even more features, our API can completely automate the shipping process.

    We help thousands of companies deal with complex logistic and warehouse management more easily. Whether you ship in the US or internationally, you can always find the best choices for each of your packages.

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    Free Subscription

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