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Seller Republic Introduction

Seller Republic Description

Seller Republic makes you more money, not just more sales. Advanced instant/continuous Repricing complete with the features you need to excel. Use Max Price Reset to Reprice up and increase profits, not just revenues. The simplicity you need, with an unprecedented 3-minute set up time. From only $48.95. Enterprise packages are also available. 

Included on all accounts as standard: Inbuilt win buy box rule, analytics, PDF & Excel reporting, condition Repricing and all regional marketplaces without additional cost. Fully responsive for both mobile and web. Chat, email, video and tutorial based support. Telephone support available for our corporate clients.

Repricing with rock-solid security, Seller Republic is built to get you the buy box at the highest price and Reprice up whenever possible. Most users see an increase in profits of around 30% in addition to sales. With a set up time of minutes this is simply one of, or if not the easiest ways to increase your bottom line as a professional Amazon seller. Seller Republic is a market leader, though at a fraction of the cost. Complete with the most important features such as continuous/instant Repricing, profit/loss calculator, intelligent Repricing, in built pre-set win buy box strategies and combined with an ease of use and support that sets us apart.

Seller Republic Features

  • Continuous/Instant Repricing 
  • Reprice up/Max Price Reset + inbuilt win buy box strategies (unlimited number of custom strategies can also be added).
  • 3 minute setup time - get set up in minutes, not hours, days or weeks.
  • Live chat and email support. Video and text based tutorials. *Telephone support available for our enterprise clients. 
  • Inbuilt dashboard analytics & PDF/Excel reporting.
  • Profit and loss calculator.

Seller Republic Functionality

  • Automated Pricing
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Seller Republic Pricing

    Starting at $48.95 for 5000 Products. Enterprise plans also available. Free 15 Day Trial and then a rolling contract that can cancelled at any time. Expand Internationally and multiple regions included at no extra charge.

    Who should use Seller Republic

    • INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS - We provide support in all languages. We serve clients throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the America's. 
    • Works for both FBA and FBM sellers and in all regions.
    • App is fully web and mobile responsive across all browsers.
    • For users that require advanced repricing with additional sales tools.
    • *To use the service users must have a professional Amazon account.

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