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Repricing Central Introduction

Repricing Central Description

Repricing Central is an Automated Amazon Repricer. This solution helps the user to win the coveted Amazon Buy Box while ensuring their price accuracy and profit margins.

Users can optimize their repricing speed to every 5-15 minutes. Repricing Central also includes a Profit Calculator to get close estimations of profit margins and product ROI. Furthermore, this feature considers all your Amazon fees and costs.

Repricing Central offers the user a high level of customization: users can decide who they want to compete with. The software provides them with the ability to develop unique repricing strategies based on their competitor’s fulfillment method, feedback ratings, item status, item condition and much more.

Repricing Central Features

  • InventoryLab Synchronization
  • 5-min Accelerated Repricing
  • Customizable Repricing Settings
  • Scheduled Repricing
  • Embedded Price & Profit Calculator
  • Insightful Listing Data

Repricing Central Functionality

  • Automated Pricing
  • Repricing Central Pricing

    The pricing is based on the listing number available to reprice. Up to 1,000 listings for $25 plan.

    Who should use Repricing Central

    • Sellers looking to win the Buy Box and remain competitive 24/7
    • Sellers looking to uncover the competitors that are listing against them
    • Sellers looking to become more profitable while increasing orders and sales

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    Free Subscription

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