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PWエンジン Introduction

PWエンジン Description

For store owners who manage multiple stores and may be selling the same product in multiple online stores, we offer features that automatically makes inventory and price adjustments between stores.

In addition, we plan to introduce a selling support feature and listing management feature.

PWエンジン Features

  • An inventory adjustment feature that automatically reduces the stock count at all stores when inventory is sold at one store.
  • A price adjustment feature that automatically adjusts the sales price at all stores when a price adjustment is made at one store.
  • A selling support feature that makes it easy to make listings across multiple stores
  • A feature that gathers and lists orders for products sold across multiple stores

PWエンジン Functionality

  • Listing
  • Automated Pricing
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Shipping Solutions
  • Product Research and Scouting
  • PWエンジン Pricing

    Offered for a monthly fee.

    Who should use PWエンジン

    Recommended for store owners who have the following problems:

    ・Store owners who sell the same products through multiple online stores

    ・Store owners who want to reduce the work required for product listing

    ・Store owners who want to reduce the time spent on order management and product delivery

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