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Orderhive Inventory Management Software Introduction

Orderhive Inventory Management Software Description

Automate your inventory, shipping and order management processes by integrating your Amazon stores with Orderhive.

Orderhive helps you create a centralized mechanism for all your inventory, orders, shipping and customer related information. From purchase to sales and accounting, everything can be tracked in Orderhive. Used by sellers across the globe, Orderhive integrates with 40+ storefronts and marketplaces with almost all global Amazon platforms. It also provides integration with 300+ shipping partners across the globe.

Benefits of integration

  • Get your stock levels updated automatically at all marketplaces without any human intervention
  • Get all your order status and shipping related information in a single window interface
  • Get access to real-time analytics and reports of your Amazon store’s inventory, orders and customers.
  • Eliminate the discrepancies due to manual data entry.
  • Keep track of your FBA inventory and order status for all your FBA processed orders

One centralized inventory management software for all back-end tasks.

  • Integrate multiple channels in a single Orderhive account.
  • Get to know which products are selling the most and through which channel, by which you can make an informed decision to increase channel revenue.
  • Automate inventory update process across multiple warehouses/locations. Easily transfer stock between warehouses.
  • Create product bundles and manage their inventory with ease.
  • Add Drop-shippers and assign orders for easy and quick fulfilment.
  • Create and manage wholesale orders through Orderhive’s B2B Commerce portal.
  • Reduce errors and avoid scenarios like double-selling, stock-outs, lost orders, etc.
  • Connect your shipping carriers (USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, Australia Post, etc.) in Orderhive to estimate shipping rates, verify addresses, and print labels easily.
  • Track parcels/order packages in real-time of 300+ shipping providers.

Get Started with Orderhive - With no installation required, you can easily create your Orderhive account in less than a minute and see how our multi-channel software works.

Orderhive Plus (Customized Enterprise Solution).

Orderhive Plus is enterprise inventory management software that offers high-volume features and custom workflow. If you’re looking for a custom system that can take care of all your unique back-end needs, then Orderhive Plus could be the perfect solution for your high-volume business.

Orderhive Inventory Management Software Features

  • Real time powerful Inventory Management Software
  • 40+ Storefront integrations, 300+ shipping integrations
  • Real Time order sync, shipping tracking
  • Purchase order and invoice entries and integration with accounting systems
  • Analytics and Reports on best selling SKUs, worst selling SKUs, channel sales and many more.
  • B2B selling capabilities
  • Full feature packed software for managing every business process for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers

...and many more

Orderhive Inventory Management Software Functionality

  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Shipping Solutions
  • Product Research and Scouting
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Accounting and Tax Remittance
  • Ecommerce Solution Connectors
  • Multi-Channel
  • Orderhive Inventory Management Software Pricing

    Try Orderhive free for 15 days. Plans starting from $50 a month after that. Unlimited orders and unlimited shipping integrations. Plans depend on the number of marketplace integrations required.

    Who should use Orderhive Inventory Management Software

    • Retailers
    • Wholesalers
    • Manufacturers
    • Dropshippers

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