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Inventory Source Introduction

Inventory Source Description

Dropship Inventory and Order Automation

Inventory Source is a dropship inventory and order management software that allows you to automatically upload products, sync inventory and route orders with dropship suppliers to virtually any online store, marketplace or ecommerce platform.

  • Connect to our 180+ dropship supplier network or add your own private supplier / 3PL / WMS connector.
  • Auto-link to Amazon listings and keep inventory in sync - no manual file imports.
  • Auto-route orders and sync shipment tracking.

No Middleman

At Inventory Source, we cut out the middleman by not marking up any products and providing you with the same price the supplier provides. We also connect you directly with the supplier to allow for volume discounts, access to exclusive brands, seasonal specials and a true model and partnership to grow your business.

User-Friendly Tools

Build powerful automation rules to price, filter and categorize your supplier’s products with our Catalog Manager, allowing for seamless inventory management.

Our Order Manager allows you to streamline the ordering process from your sales channel, to your suppliers, to your customers automatically, or from the click of a button!

Reliable Integrations

We actively manage data intricacies - multi-warehouse quantity calculating, order routing, back order handling, stock counts, product statuses, SKU mapping and more - for our 180+ supplier integrations, providing the same level of integration detail and consultative onboarding for private/custom integrations.

Inventory Source Features

  • Manage which listings to sync to Amazon in bulk
  • Manage how orders pulled from Amazon should be fulfilled
  • Automate the process of linking to existing listings on Amazon
  • Automate the process of pulling new orders received from Amazon
  • Automate the process of passing tracking information back to Amazon once fulfilled
  • Automate the process of dynamic price changes from your source(s)

Inventory Source Functionality

  • Listing
  • Automated Pricing
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Shipping Solutions
  • Ecommerce Solution Connectors
  • Multi-Channel
  • Inventory Source Pricing

    Who should use Inventory Source

    • Small to Medium sized eCommerce companies that leverage dropship fulfillment (from suppliers, 3PLs, etc.)
    • Established Merchants that need automation services to scale their operations
    • New Merchants that want to get started with little investment by leveraging dropship fulfillment
    • Anyone using dropship or 3PL services that want to connect their Amazon account for fulfillment solutions

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