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Subscribe to coupons, ebooks, newsletter Introduction Description maximizes profits and keeps you in the Buy Box with repricing tools built for sellers who insist on simple setup and hands-on support. Sellers can automate their price changes with a variety of built-in strategies, including our “Get the Buy Box” algorithm that keeps you ahead of the competition, and our Sales Velocity Algorithm for private label listings with no competition at all. If you want to boost revenue and free up time to manage your business, let optimize your prices and use the power of automation to crush your sales goals. Features

  • Advanced repricing algorithms with flexible customization to suit your unique business goals
  • Automated algorithmic repricing strategy designed to win and keep the Buy Box
  • Private label repricing that aims for your target sales velocity using advanced algorithms
  • Narrow down your competition by creating custom repricing strategies
  • Gather actionable insights with impactful reports and analytics
  • Integrate your tools into our platform to cut time-consuming steps from your workflows Functionality

  • Automated Pricing
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Pricing

    Whether you're just starting to get serious or you're already a rockstar, we have a plan specifically designed to help you keep pushing the envelope. Plus, we'll never slow you down by taking a commission or percentage of your sales.

    Who should use

    • Sellers looking for price management, price optimization, and repricing solutions
    • Sellers vying for the Buy Box against lots of competitors
    • Businesses who list private label, white label, and items with little to no competition
    • Businesses who want insightful data and recommendations to better understand how to increase profit reviews

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    Free Subscription

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