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Forecastly Introduction

Forecastly Description

Forecastly provides highly accurate demand forecasting and inventory management so you can master supply and demand without the time-consuming and tedious manual guesswork.

Automate Inventory Management

  • Forecastly connects to Amazon Seller Central and starts tracking inbound shipments and purchase orders, predicting product demand, and presenting critical business metrics in clear dashboards and actionable alerts to keep you on top of your supply and demand.

Predict Product Demand & Master Hot Sales Seasons

Get highly accurate demand forecasts in seconds based on Forecastly’s proprietary algorithm, which tells you when and how much to restock, making your FBA inventory replenishment as painless as possible.

Know when to start ordering for a hot selling season, which products will be in higher demand, and how much inventory you need to purchase to meet those seasonal needs.

Avoid Stockouts & Inactive Listings

Avoid all the negative effects of “stockouts” that disrupt your business momentum and impact your seller reputation, such as lost sales, fulfillment delays, complaints, and negative reviews. When you’re not selling, your reduced conversions can also negatively impact your keyword rankings, search impressions, Best Seller Rank, and Buy Box position, all while your competitors make more sales, get more reviews, and edge you out of the market.

Boost Sales Momentum & Profits

Boost sales and sales velocity, grow your profits, and help ensure the financial stability and competitiveness of your Amazon business by avoiding costly and disruptive overstocking or stockouts. A knowledge of your supply and demand also helps you build stronger, more dependable supplier relationships and gives you an edge in negotiating with suppliers.

Get a handle on your inventory needs — try Forecastly free for 14 days!

Forecastly Features

  • Product Demand Forecasting & Alerts: See highly accurate demand forecasts in seconds, factoring in variability in customer demand and inventory lead time, and know exactly when and how much to restock
  • Automated Inventory Management: Track inbound shipments and purchase orders and even recover lost inbound inventory
  • Inventory Insights Dashboard: Track historical sales rank, orders, and pricing data for all your products and view monthly inventory reports to simplify your accounting

Forecastly Functionality

  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Shipping Solutions
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Forecastly Pricing

    Pricing tiers based on monthly order count starting at $99/month.

    Who should use Forecastly

    Forecastly helps Amazon sellers manage their inventory at every phase of their selling journey, for both private label sellers and wholesale resellers.

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