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Find Liquidation Introduction

Find Liquidation Description

A seller tool to automate your surplus inventory without a hassle. Sell without any manual work. Let automate your FBA surplus inventory to be liquidated. Set your own rules. 
FindLiquidation analyzes your past sales data and provides customizable sales projections for future dates. Create, upload or import your listings. Just connect to your Amazon account and setup your liquidation parameters. Offer tiers of wholesale prices to your buyers (i.e: 30% discount for 100 pcs minimum, 40% discount for 200 pcs minimum order). You can either customize or opt-in to automatically liquidate your LTSF inventory.

Some of our services include :

  • Overstock Analysis - FindLiquidation analyzes your past sales data for any given period of time (i.e. past 7 days, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months etc.) and provides customizable projections for future dates (i.e: projected overstock/excess inventory that is in excess of your next X months woth of sales).
  • Stale Inventory - Find out your the inventory that is slow selling or not selling at all and liquidate it. 
  • LTSF Inventory - Clearly see how much LTSF (long term storage fees) you will pay and liquidate your LTSF inventory before the pay date. 
  • Alerts - Customizable alerts on your dashboard and emails on a daily, weekly or monthly basis of anything you want to know.

Find Liquidation Features

  • Automation of finding out your overstock, excess or LTSF inventory
  • Liquidation on auto-pilot
  • Watch & Learn Short and fun videos for walkthrough

Find Liquidation Functionality

  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Ecommerce Solution Connectors
  • Promotions
  • Find Liquidation Pricing

    Free Lifetime Subscription. Only pay commission if your items sell.

    Who should use Find Liquidation

    • Sellers that would like to automate their inventory liquidation and save time
    • Sellers that need accurate and automated forecasting of their inventory 
    • Sellers that would like to grow their business and brand
    • Sellers that want to have pro-active on inventory management
    • Agencies that want to manage their client's accounts (contact us for special agency pricing)
    • Wholesale sellers using FBA in combination with FBM or FBM only

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