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Epinium Introduction

Epinium Description

Saves 80% of time optimizing and multiply your sales like you haven't seen before!

Easily entering your Amazon ads in Epinium transform how you manage your campaigns and your SEO. With our latest algorithm, Epinium allows sellers to focus on other important issues regarding their business while your back end search terms are being re-optimized automatically day by day. Epinium Analytics delivers a real benefit to its user at the point that:

  • With a clear product Organization defined, creating campaigns takes less than 1 minute.
  • Makes clear all your keywords performance data in order to help you on making important decisions.
  • Well-performing keywords from campaigns are automatically introduced into your product back end search terms as organic keywords. Your products are optimized automatically day by day with the last information extracted from campaigns. You’ll never miss a high-converting keyword.
  • Thanks to Amazon Integration, changes in Epinium are reflected in Seller Central Advertising within seconds.
  • Lowering ACoS and selling more with great suggestions about keywords performance.

Other powerful uses of Epinum Analytics:

  • SEO optimization for titles, HTML descriptions, bullet points and back end search terms. Easy and fast to use with a bulk editor.
  • Complete dashboard showing real sales data and optimization tips.

Epinium Features

  • Organize your products within groups and categories
  • Associate keywords to those categories
  • Create campaigns using the structure created before
  • Lever your ACoS adjusting bids
  • Getting recommendations about keywords performance
  • Improve and Optimize Amazon SEO
  • Get your back end search terms filled every day with well-performing keywords from campaigns
  • Bulk edit all variants at once or individual SKUs separately
  • Check if your changes are uploaded on Amazon
  • Multi-Account

Epinium Functionality

  • Listing
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Advertising
  • Buyer/Seller Messaging
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Epinium Pricing

    Based on sales level

    Who should use Epinium

    • Brands and Manufacturers with a Seller Central account.
    • Agencies managing different Seller Central accounts

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