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BigTracker Introduction

BigTracker Description


Compared to traditional methods of product research, which often includes arduous tasks such as copying and pasting information from Amazon into a spreadsheet, BigTracker alleviates this time-consuming task.
Users can view comprehensive Amazon product data within seconds. BigTracker aggregates all of the users’ required information on to one single page while searching on Amazon.

It calculates all of the data including the average sales, average prices, and the average rank of the listings that the user has searched.
Furthermore, BigTracker automatically displays comprehensive information such as the Buy Box price, Sales Rank, Estimated Sales, Estimated Revenue and Amazon Fees.

BigTracker also allows users to click to view the Historical Price and Rank Data. If the user spots trending products that they’re interested in, they can add these products to the product tracker to start tracking.

BigTracker can also be used as a powerful competitor research tool.

BigTracker Features

  • Profit Calculator
  • Product Scouting and Product Research
  • Sales Performance Indicator
  • Chrome Extension
  • Niche Product Recommendations
  • Listing Hijacker/Piggybackers Email Alerts

BigTracker Functionality

  • Product Research and Scouting
  • BigTracker Pricing

    The pricing is based on the number of products and brands tracked. User can track up to 60 products and 2 brands for $50 plan.

    Who should use BigTracker

    • Beginners
    • Arbitrageurs
    • Private Label Sellers

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    Free Subscription

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