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Automate Pricing Introduction

Automate Pricing Description

Automatically adjust prices on SKUs in your catalog in response to events such as the Buy Box winning price, without having to revisit the SKU every time you want to change your price. Create a pricing rule, set the rule parameters, select the SKUs to which the rule applies, and then set the minimum and maximum price boundaries for the SKUs. Automate Pricing will automatically adjust your prices according to the rules you set. Start or stop automated pricing rules at any time, as well as change your rules or the SKUs to which your rules apply.

Automate Pricing Features

  • Stay competitive. Sharper prices improve visibility of your offers
  • Take control of your pricing. Rules designed to help you stay competitive with the buy box or automatically change prices when sales meet your predefined levels.
  • Manage your SKUs in bulk. Easily apply or remove up to 5,000 SKUs in bulk using a file template.
  • Move fast. Reprice in real time immediately in response to events without manual effort
  • Work less. Automating some decisions gives you more time to focus on other work.

Automate Pricing Functionality

  • Automated Pricing
  • Automate Pricing Pricing

    Who should use Automate Pricing

    • Sellers who have large catalogs
    • Sellers who compete with others for sales
    • Sellers who frequently adjust prices manually


    • Amazon Professional Selling Plan

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