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蚁户助手 Introduction

蚁户助手 Description

Antcoor Assistant is a cross-border e-commerce SAAS system designed to provide Amazon merchants with a detailed daily operations tool. It gives sellers intelligent, collaborative, global guidance on their operations, empowering them with data-driven technology. Antcoor Assistant is available for PC, mobile and as a browser plug-in. Fully comprehensive features include operational analysis, data analysis, financial management, inventory management, CRM management, product selection analysis, intelligent advertising and automated operations. Helps to empower sellers with technology and data to carry out product selection, sales, advertising and other tasks, effectively ensuring data sharing, performance improvement and cost control.

蚁户助手 Features

  • Manage and set up by product
  • Store operations analysis
  • Financial information
  • Data reporting
  • FBA inventory management
  • CRM management

蚁户助手 Functionality

蚁户助手 Pricing

Fee for standard version, additional value-added features need to be purchased separately

Who should use 蚁户助手

  • Amazon sellers
  • Advertising service providers
  • Designed for use in Google Chrome

蚁户助手 reviews

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