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蒙瑞特 Introduction

蒙瑞特 Description

  • Quick product editing: once entered, the product library can be uploaded to multiple sites.  
  • View statistics in real time, making it easy to manage your employees’ workload. 
  • Listings can be published directly to the Amazon back-end via the ERP interface, significantly reducing personnel training and time costs.
  • Automatic batch price updating enables merchants to easily cope with Amazon's low season.
  • One-click shipping fee calculation and translation features improve accuracy while increasing productivity and reducing workload. 
  • Customers transfer their shipping fees to the ERP system and can view their shipping fee deduction details in real time.
  • Shipment tracking: instantly track dispatched orders based on the tracking number.
  • Support ticketing feature: submit a ticket at any time if you have a query

蒙瑞特 Features

  • Download orders to handle shipment to the buyer yourself;
  • Upload products for sale on Amazon via an interface provided by Amazon;
  • Create products;
  • Shipment and parcel tracking feature;

蒙瑞特 Functionality

  • Listing
  • Automated Pricing
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Shipping Solutions
  • Advertising
  • 蒙瑞特 Pricing

    Our ERP is a paid software program available for the low price of USD 30 a month

    Who should use 蒙瑞特

    Customers we serve: Amazon sellers, and merchants who ship to buyers themselves (FBM sellers)

    Our ERP installation requirements: installation of .Net Framework 4.6 and above

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