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総合管理ツールCappy Introduction

総合管理ツールCappy Description

Listing Features
Cappy’s listing feature is a tool that we have been using for over five years in our business as a listing agent.
It was designed based on many years of experience, and is equipped with detailed features that anyone can use to list easily and quickly.
· Automatically generates SKUs. If you have any alphanumeric characters that you want to include in your SKU, such as purchasing cost or category, you can configure the settings so that SKUs will be automatically generated based on your settings.
· You can take photos of used products with your smartphone and sync them easily.
· Customize your listing comments however you like and save them for each condition type. These comments can be inserted with a single click when listing products.
· Listings can be completed within the tool without logging in to Seller Central.
· Product images are printed on the Amazon barcode to prevent delivery problems due to mislabeling.
· Scan a series of product barcodes to list them together.
· Register listings for FBA shipments and self-fulfilled products at the same time.
This improved efficiency contributes to increased sales.

■ Automatic Price Revision
This feature monitors price changes of your competitors 24-hours-a-day and revises pricing within 5 minutes, helping to maximize profits and prevent missing sales opportunities.
· Equipped with a “cart price” mode that revises prices in line with cart prices. You can also choose a revision mode depending on the seller or product status.
· Price revisions take Amazon Points into account.
· There is an option to lower the price if a product isn’t selling after being listed for one month.
· Set a minimum price for price revisions to prevent selling at low prices due to a sharp fall in prices.
· Sellers with a low number of feedback ratings (whose prices often deviate from the market) can be excluded from the price revision reference values.
· If there are no products that match the product being revised, other ASINs can be used for price revision.

■ Automatic Thank You Emails
Create a template to automatically send to buyers to request reviews and feedback.
· Automatically change email body text according to the fulfillment method (FBA or self-fulfillment).
· Create your own template for each SKU.
· You can see whether the buyer has opened your thank you email or not.
• Change the settings so that thank you emails will not be sent for certain SKUs or order IDs. Also handles any other requirements, for example if you want to send thank you emails to certain customers yourself, or not send them at all.

総合管理ツールCappy Features

  • Create FBA shipping plans
  • Automatic price revision
  • Automatic thank you emails to buyers
  • Inventory management
  • Sales management

総合管理ツールCappy Functionality

  • Listing
  • Automated Pricing
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Feedback and Reviews
  • 総合管理ツールCappy Pricing

    JPY3,980/month. Free from the application date until the end of the following month (up to 2 months max.)

    Who should use 総合管理ツールCappy

    How to Access
    Online service (no installation required)

    Operating Systems
    Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
    Supported browsers: Chrome (Latest version required. Service may not work on other browsers.)

    Terms and Conditions
    The file size of the Active Listings Report in Seller Central must be smaller than 32MB.
    The number of orders must not exceed 500 orders per day.
    The number of total products (SKU-based) must not exceed 10,000.
    A Gmail address is required for sending automatic thank you emails.

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